The mbox Cloud Managed Gateway (CMG) can be deployed as an integrated gateway, where the router, firewall & WAN link balancer all exist in one device, saving costs from procuring multiple devices while enjoying maximum performance and reducing point of failures. Mbox’s “zero-config” feature enables speedy onsite deployment without the need of any certified network engineer, while its cloud management capabilities enables Managed Service Provider (MSP) to massively manage and monitor all your deployed mboxes at fingertips.


Providing on-premise Internet connectivity to your customers is one of the best ways to improve and value-add to their experience. Deploying a successful visitor-based Internet infrastructure using mbox will give businesses Control, Visibility and Opportunities through better QoS, usage data analytics and user access control.


The mlog series is a comprehensive and cost-effective syslog management tool for businesses to meet stringent compliances, which often involve the collection and analysis of logs from different sources (eg, routers, firewalls, switches or servers) through syslog messages.


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Key Features: • 802.11ac Wave 2 Gigabit Access, MU-MIMO (Wave 2)
• tri-radio dual-band
• Up to 28 (14 per radio) Visual AP
• STA/SSID/AP-based speed control
• Ceiling/wall-mountable


mbox HotSpot Access (HSA-500) is an integrated Machine-To-Machine (M2M) appliance designed for retail or small networks, with all essential enterprise features, incorporating advanced networking & security technologies, TCP/IP routing, Multi-WAN bonding, firewall/VPN, bandwidth control, and dual-band Wi-Fi, all packed into a powerful appliance.